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october slow session – the best chicken you’ve never had

September 20, 2009

October Slow Session
The Best Chicken You’ve Never Had – Shades of Green Farm

Thursday, October 1st
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How good can chicken be?  Austin will soon find out.  Jules Assata and Sue Beckwith of Shades of Green Farm have begun raising birds that meet their own deliciously high culinary standards.  What’s more, they’ll be the only certified organic meat chickens raised in Texas.

Jules and Sue are raising Colored and Freedom Rangers, chicken breeds developed from heritage stock to be delicious and to thrive on traditional free range – NOT bred to bulk up fast or tolerate factory living conditions that would make a mother hen cry, like the ubiquitous Cornish Cross found in every grocery store, fast food joint and high-end eatery.   In fact, these varieties were developed specifically to meet the very high standards of the French Label Rouge Program.   And, while Shades of Green Farm is certified organic, the two women have been inspired by the European example to exceed the organic production standards in terms of stewardship of animal welfare and the environment.

Join Slow Food Austin for our October Slow Session and learn about Sue and Jules’ Bastrop farm and their personal journey leaping regulation and production hurdles that don’t do much to help our small farmers or those of us who love good food.  As always, the session will be free.  Light refreshments will be served; feel free to bring something to share.

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Janet Gilles September 24, 2009 at 4:48 am

where do they sell their chicken??
are these the ones at the farmers market?

Betty Saenz GREEN REALTOR November 21, 2009 at 4:17 pm

I love fresh, small farm raised, organicly produced meats, milk, produce. I used to drink my Nubian goat’s milk still warm (and of course raw). I wish I had acreage but am happy there are others who have a place in the country so I can buy what I need at local markets.

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