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Tens of thousands of citizens are calling for legislators to fully fund school lunch, strengthen nutrition standards and link schools to local farms when Congress updates the Child Nutrition Act this year. Slow Food USA is carrying out the Time for Lunch Campaign to raise awareness of the legislation and encourage Congress to get real food into schools. The Child Nutrition Act is likely to be reauthorized by Congress in “early 2010”. The Time for Lunch Campaign launched with a National Day of Action in 2009 that brought 20,000 people together at more than 300 “Eat-Ins” nationwide. We are strengthening our efforts nationally and locally as we approach the reauthorization day.  You can help out by getting involved in Central Texas.

If you’d like to get more involved, here are 2 easy steps you can take to create change.

  1. Emails to legislators: Simply visit, enter your contact information, and an email letter will automatically be sent to your representatives. You may personalize the email if you wish.
  2. Spread the word: After you contact your representatives through the Slow Food USA website, you will receive a thank you email that includes text to send to your personal network, asking people to contact their representatives. Please send this out to your email contacts so we can more people to take the same easy steps to contact their local representatives.

Please spread the word over Facebook and Twitter.

Follow the link for Facebook/Twitter on the Slow Flow USA website for tips:

More info on the national campaign through Slow Food USA is available here:

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