slow session: sprouts

Know It-Grow It
Peaking their way above the ground,
They are all around,
Shouting, “Spring has come,” have some fun,
Show your face, in slow pace,
To cultivate a new taste,

Date: Thursday, April 1st
Time: 7pm-8:30 pm
Location: Sunset Valley City Hall
3205 Jones Road
Sunset Valley, TX 78745

Spring on out of your house Thursday, April 1st at 7pm for a Slow Session on Sprouts. Join us as we learn about this simple superfood from PermaCulture extraordinaire, Doc JODY. In addition to expanding our knowledge of sprouts, Doc JODY will show us how to grow organic sprouts and delight us with some of her original recipes. So come on out, propagate a new friendship or encourage a buddy to come along. Also, there will be a special give away to whoever brings the most creative dish with sprouts to share – so start conjuring up those recipes!

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