slow session: reducing waste in shopping and cooking with in.gredients

Date: Wednesday, September 19 2012, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Location: in.gredients packaging free grocery store, 2610 Manor Road Austin, TX 78722
RSVP: Please email Chelsea Staires at

Austin’s new in.gredients is the country’s first packaging-free grocery store.  Come learn about what low to no waste grocery shopping is and talk with us and the in.gredients staff about:

  • The in.gredients philosophy
  • How container-free grocery works
  • The in.gredients’ team’s approach to sourcing products from the local community
  • How to reduce waste while shopping and in the kitchen by being package-free

Enjoy the in.gredients grounds, gardens, and delicious beers on tap and tour the store to become familiar with package-free grocery shopping.

More About in.gredients:

Over 700,000 tons of garbage is placed in American landfills on a daily basis. Packaging makes up nearly 40 percent of that. Packaging waste is a big deal – especially when we’re consuming energy to produce, consume, and recycle things that aren’t always necessary. The way we do things now is damaging the environment at our own cost. That’s why we’re taking ourselves out of that loop altogether.

Our mission is to minimize waste and promote healthy, sustainable lifestyles by selling local food with pure ingredients, package-free. Our ethos are the core values we consider when making any decision about our store operations. Package-free and zero-waste are new frontiers in the grocery industry, so we’re pioneers in relatively uncharted territory. Because of this our ethos can’t be fully reflected by our business model, since local regulations, consumer demand, public perception, and the norms of the food industry are not aligned in pursuit of a common goal or always interested in sustainability. Nothing in.gredients does as a store, therefore, can be the perfect sustainable shopping option in your area – but we want to be the absolutely best option.

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