Slow Food Austin reconnects people with the food they eat. Our educational initiatives, social activities, fundraising events, and community volunteer projects inspire respect for where food comes from and awakens true pleasure in eating.

Who we are:

President – Lisa Lawless
Past President – Sara Weber
Treasurer – Houston McClenny
Farm Tour Managers- Julie Danehy and Christine Randolph
Scholarship Program – Slow Food Austin board
Biodiversity – Valerie Broussard
Slow Sessions – Veronica Meewes
Happy Hours – Slow Food Austin Board
Newsletter Editor – Dan Marek
Events – Ellen Rozman
Farmer Liaison – Erin Flynn

Interested in joining the Slow Food Austin leadership board?*
Contact Lisa Lawless for more information.

We celebrate the pleasure of the table.
We want to make the world a little slower, living an unhurried life beginning at the table.
We cultivate the enjoyment and quality of life.
We honor our culture and tradition. Behind every dish there are choices made in the fields.

We support awareness and education.
We are people who exchange knowledge and experience.
We create links between pleasure and food with awareness and responsibility.

We cherish the diverse food communities and traditions of Austin and Central Texas.
We focus on the relationships between producers, cooks and all who eat.

Slow Food Austin is the local Convivium (Chapter) of Slow Food International. Convivium is a Latin word that means a feast, entertainment or banquet. Slow Food uses the name for its local chapters. Founded in 1989, Slow Food is a local organization open to all. Slow Food International has over 80,000 members.

What we do:

Slow Food Austin supports activities and education to preserve biodiversity in the food supply, spread the education of taste, and connect producers of excellent foods with the consumers through events and initiatives.

We believe that the pleasures of the table should be combined with efforts to save and protect traditional foods that are disappearing. We support civic involvement in issues related to awareness, supply, and quality of food.

What we believe:

We believe that life should be savored, shared with others, lived in harmony, transforming every meal into a unique and unforgettable experience. We believe in elevating the quality of our food and taking time to enjoy it is a simple way to infuse our daily lives with joy. We stand against the folly of fast life. It is impossible to ignore the strong connection between plate and planet. Behind every plate, there are people that made it possible – the food producers that uphold traditions in cultivation or production that work to nourish and satisfy us.

The food we eat should taste good. It should be produced in a clean way that does not harm the environment, animal welfare, or human health. Its producers should receive fair compensation for their work.