slow food austin grub trivia official rules


1. Trivia begins promptly at 12:30 pm. If no members of your team are present to write down answers, you won’t be able to receive points for those questions.

2. Teams are made up of no more than six people. Team members are free to come and go from the table, but only registered team members may participate. No one else is allowed to sit at the table or join the team. But, please, visit the Raffle Prize area, the Grub Crawl Tasting tables and the bar, and bring food and drinks back to your table.

3. After each question, you’ll have 45 seconds to deliberate and write your answer on your answer sheet. Be sure your team name and the round number is written at the top of each answer sheet.

4. At the end of each round, volunteers will come around to pick up the answer sheets and score them. Each correct answer earns you 10 points, and the team with the highest score from each round will win a prize. Your total score for the day may not be the highest, but you could still win any single round. In the event of a round tie, one person from each team with a tying score will come forward to the stage. A tie breaker question will be asked, and the first person to say the correct answer out loud wins. If there’s a second tie, another question will be asked and so on until we have a winner for that round. Winning a tie breaker gets your team five extra points for your total score. The Grub Trivia Champions title and the Grand Prize will go to the team with the highest total score of all rounds for the day.

5. No phones, tablets, or other devices are allowed during question answering. There is a basket or pitcher on each table where your phones and devices should be placed while writing answers to questions, or phones should stay in pockets or purses. Between rounds, you’re welcome to use your phones and devices, but they need to go back into the pitchers or be tucked away before the next set of questions begins. Also, please silence all phones and devices.

For more information about the event, visit the web post.

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